Eyebrow tint and tweezing or wax

Transform your brows with our eyebrow tinting and tweezing/waxing services, tailored for a flawless look that complements your features. Eyebrow tinting is ideal for blondes

Eyelash tint

Enhance your natural beauty with eyelash tinting, a perfect choice for blondes or those with a lighter complexion. This treatment enriches your lashes by adding

Signature Facial

Signature Facial helps to rejuvenate tired, dull, pigmented and sagging skin and also it helps treat acne. Signature facials include some common elements, such as

Fire/Cold Facial

Dreaming of flawless skin like your favorite celebrities? Imagine people asking about your radiant beauty. Enter the world of Fire/Cold Facial, the secret behind red-carpet

Customized Facial

Not sure which facial is right for you? Let our experts guide you on a tailored skincare voyage with our Customized Facial. Designed for those

Buccal face massage

Buccal facial massage is a massaging technique that is performed inside the mouth, rather than on top of the skin. By massaging internally you can

Biologique Recherche facial

The Biologique recherche facial is a complete customized treatment using highly concentrated cold pressed boosters and products, to repair, replenish and restore skin health. Benefits

Acne Treatment

An acne facial deeply cleanses the skin and often involves multiple rounds of extractions to clear out clogged pores. Benefits of acne facial: — Addresses

Facesculpt Massage

Facial massages, when performed by an experienced esthetician, involve stimulating pressure points on the face, neck, and shoulders. Massage at our studio can be done


Microneedling, a cosmetic procedure, uses small sterilized needles to prick the skin. These tiny wounds stimulate collagen and elastin production, promoting skin healing and a